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Dental bridges are a useful way to provide a fixed option to close gaps between teeth. Gaps can arise from a number of situations such as missing teeth or teeth that have previously been removed. For most people the loss of teeth poses not only aesthetic problems, but also results in difficulty with speech and eating. The placement of a bridge provides a fixed, natural-looking solution to missing teeth.

At Crown Dental Surgery dental bridges are made of either full porcelain or a zirconia/porcelain combination. These options provide both strength and resilience, and allow us to achieve the best aesthetic white-coloured appearance possible. By avoiding the use of the more "traditional" bridges which use a metal foundation beneath the porcelain, we avoid the dark black/grey line that tends to become visible near the gum line over time. With all of our dental bridges being constructed by the leading dental laboratories in Sydney, we guarantee that your bridge is of the highest quality and manufacture.