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Dental Crowns

Crowns are a fixed protective cap that fits over your existing tooth or filling. Crowns help to provide you with a strong, durable and natural-looking tooth. These may become necessary when a large part of the tooth has been lost or damaged, following root canal therapy, to prevent splitting of teeth where there are deep cracks, as well as to improve the overall appearance of teeth.

At Crown Dental Surgery we offer either porcelain or zirconia crowns. Both of these crowns are white in colour, whilst providing great strangth and durability. "Traditional" crowns have a metal layer beneath the porcelain, which can become visible if the gums shrink or the porcelain chips off. By using only porcelain or zirconia crowns we are able to avoid this aesthetic problem. With all of our dental crowns being constructed by the leading dental labs in Sydney, rest assured knowing that your crown is of the highest quality.