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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy or endodontic treatment is used to save teeth when the nerve has suffered from a  permanent nerve injury. This can result if the tooth has extensive decay, significant trauma, deep cracks, is tender on biting, sensitive to hot and cold drinks/foods, or has undergone a sudden change in colour. In many of these instances, there is no pain in the early stage, and as a result many of us do not realise that the tooth has been seriously injured. Later stages of the injury generally result in significant pain, which may also result in swelling of the face and/or spread of the infection around the head and neck.

Endodontic treatment allows us to keep our original tooth instead of it having to be removed. Depending on the amount of remaining original tooth after endodontic treatment, a dental crown may be necessary. Dental crowns provide a very strong natural looking cover for the tooth, which helps to prevent re-infection or splitting of the tooth.