Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The friendly team at Crown Dental Surgery aims to prevent dental problems before they arise. By providing regular dental care for your children we are able to address small problems before they become larger issues in the future.

At Crown Dental Surgery in Chatswood we support the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, charging the dental services provided at the bulk bill rates.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule aims to provide $1000 over 2 consecutive calender years for eligible children aged 2-17 years. The basic dental services covered include:

  • dental check-ups
  • standard x-rays
  • cleaning/scaling
  • fissure seals
  • fillings
  • root canals
  • extractions

Eligibility for the program is based on a means test, which requires receipt of Family Tax Benefit Part A (FTB-A) or a relevant Australian Government payment.

To find out more please contact the Australian Department of Human Services or visit the following website:

If you would are eligible and would like for us to help look after your child under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule please call our friendly team on (02) 9090 2059 to arrange an appointment.