Custom Mouthguards

With most young children and adults living an active lifestyle, sometimes some added protection is needed to keep your smile protected. Most everyday sports and outdoor activities go on without a hitch. However, all it takes is one small accident to cause major damage to our teeth.

Our custom mouthguards are constructed by the dentist, and provide several advantages over the standard boil and bite type guards:

  • Specifically suited to the individual shape, size and position of your teeth
  • Designed to ensure a tight fit, thereby allowing you to breathe and speak comfortably
  • Optimal, customised protection offered for your specific sporting activity
  • Personalised colours and designs to suit your preference or to support your favourite team

If you play any sports or live an active lifestyle and want to protect your smile then contact us at Crown Dental Surgery on (02) 9090 2059 to arrange an appointment for a customized mouthguard.