Children's Dentistry

At Crown Dental Surgery in Chatswood we realise that establishing good hygiene and diet habits, in addition to identifying developing dental problems early-on in your children's teeth is very important.

Many of the hygiene practices, diet, as well as habits eg. mouthbreathing, thumbsucking, can have a significant impact on the growth and development of your childs teeth and jaws. By being aware of such changes we are able to identify any developing issues and manage accordingly, as well as provide advice to parents to help ensure the health and well-being of your childs teeth.

Several of the families whom see us bring their young children with them during their dental appointments. This helps them to become accustomed to the dental environment as well as our team members. We have found that this approach helps to prevent any dental related anxiety issues when they eventually see the dentist as a patient.

During these appointments we are also able to identify and answer any questions that you as the parents may have regarding the development of your childs teeth eg. discoloured areas, crowding/spacing issues that are developing, the general progress of erupting teeth, dietary recommendations etc.

In certain situations where habits common in children eg. continued thumbsucking habits, mouthbreathing issues etc. has affected the shape and position of your childs teeth and jaw size/shape, we are able to perform preventative children's orthodontic approaches to help ensure that the continued growth and development of your childs adult teeth can take place without any problems.

If you are looking for a knowledgable, friendly, and caring dentist to treat both you and your children then contact us on (02) 9090 2059 to arrange your next appointment.