At Crown Dental Surgery we utilise the most advanced technology and equipment to assist with our diagnosis and corresponding treatment.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays offer both increased accuracy and safety, using up to 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays. The image of the tooth and surrounding tissue can be seen on the overhead screen almost instantaneously, providing us with a detailed digital image. The image can be digitally enhanced to show otherwise hidden problems.

Intra-oral Camera

The intra-oral camera allows us to go on a guided tour of your mouth. This will permit us to identify and locate any problem areas, with the image viewable on the overhead screen. You will be able to see exactly what we are discussing in regards to your mouth.


The OPG is a panaromic X-ray of both the upper and lower jaws, as well as the bone in the surrounding area. This view provides us with a complete view of the entire mouth, helping us to detect any problems which may be missed during a routine examination. This X-ray is particularly useful when considering the removal of teeth, during the detection of infections and for recognising other problems affecting the surrounding jaws and face.

Cone Beam CT

Cone beam (CBCT) technology is the most advanced and up-to-date X-ray technology used in dentistry today. It allows for an accurate three-dimensional (3D) image of the jaws and surrounding areas to be viewed. It is particularly useful for dental implants, which helps to ensure the accurate and safe positioning of implants to help achieve optimal long-term results. Another use of this X-ray technology is when considering the removal of teeth, in particular wisdom teeth, which can be in close position to vital structures such as nerves.

Zoom White Speed Lamp

The latest Zoom White Speed Lamp by Philips uses the most advanced LED whitening technology to deliver superior whitening results in just one visit. With the whitening LED accelerator emitting 100% greater light intensity, we are able to greatly accelerate and enhance the whitening results. It is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results, providing a safe and effective way to achieve an instant brighter, whiter smile.