Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy or endodontic treatment is a procedure used to preserve teeth in cases where the nerve has suffered permanent damage eg. on-going pain, sensitivity or infection.

This can develop if the tooth has had extensive decay, severe trauma, deep cracks, on-going sensitivity to hot or cold drinks/foods, or has turned dark in colour. In many of these instances, there is no pain in the early stages, and as a result many of us do not realise that the tooth has been seriously injured. Later stages of the injury may result in significant pain and/or swelling, which given enough time can allow for the spread of the infection beneath the gums and into the jaw bone. In some severe cases the infection may spread to adjacent teeth and cause problems.

Endodontic treatment allows us to keep our original tooth instead of having it removed. Depending on the amount of tooth remaining after endodontic treatment, a dental crown may be necessary.

Dental crowns help to provide a strong natural looking cover for the tooth, thereby helping to prevent re-infection and/or splitting of the tooth.

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